A cornerstone of our program is our belief in children’s natural creativity. We know children get great pleasure from being involved in the arts, and so we encourage this at every age. Children learn skills and gain immense self-esteem when given diverse opportunities to create. Art is an integral part of our program, and we provide a wide array of materials for creating.


Your child will learn in a safe, warm and accepting environment. Our atmosphere enables children to respect themselves and others. Through diverse creative experiences, we enhance children’s ability to socialise with others, be creative, express themselves and develop. We provide a high quality educational program, one which we are always improving.


Play areas are important for children, giving them a space for pretending, expressing and imagining themselves. Play areas promote thinking, problem solving, and turn taking, and help children learn and develop skills in all domains. Of course, play areas are also important for developing physical dexterity and good health.