We provide a wrap round service from and to certain local primary schools.

School Drop Off

This service allows parents to drop children off at our nursery anytime from 7:00am. Between parent drop off and school start, your children will have a chance to relax and play. Our staff will then take the children to their school in time for registration.

Food: We can provide breakfast to children before they go to school

School Collection

This service allows parents to collect their children from our nursery anytime before 6pm. Our staff will collect the children from their school and bring them back to our nursery. Between school finish and when you collect, your child will have a chance to relax and play. Some children even take this opportunity to go into our library and read, reflect on their day or catch up with homework.

Food: We can provide tea to children when they get back from school

Maney Hill

Maney Hill Primary School